Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Kabeedies rocked at the Ruin Thurs 19th review

Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to this, I have only just recovered.


The gig was awesome, I knew it was going to be ace when HEXA played. The 8 piece Brooklyn maestros were 8 dates into their 2nd UK tour when they hit the ruin. Playing a storming set of about 15 or so 2 minute Gems. The highlights being 'Hurt me again' in which Preeya and Davis perform a well rehearsed conversation and argument through the song (it's about shagging around I think) which has extra spice added when you know they are a couple in real life! and 'Classes' which bubbles along like any Phil Spector Classic.

By the time The Kabeedies got to the stage it was going to be a hard act to follow. Looking at them as they took the stage, young innocent, bedecked in floppy fringe and spray on jeans all Doc Martin's polished to an immaculate shine by mums gentle hand, you had to worry for them. Any Paternal instinct on my part was misplaced however as from the word go they turned into a four piece ball of energy that finally burnt itself out 30 mins later. The new song 'Fuzzy Felt' was spectacular as was 'King Canute' the only disappointment being the absence of 'Treasure Hunting' from the set.

If you were a Dilbert and missed it don't worry, I have them back on April 30th, see I really look after you don't I

the mothers ruin podcast episode 3 - ‘i have a real problem with george lamb’

the mothers ruin podcast episode 3 - ‘i have a real problem with george lamb’

Its that time again, our monthly podcast (sort of) with all the bands coming to or played at the ruin and my rambling ranting self trying to hold it all together.

"I have a real problem with him, he is not even funny, and he know f-all about music. ‘Put him on to it’ I want to put him onto a stake!! I am sorry if you like him but I don’t, he reminds me of Noel Edmonds, I bet he likes all the stuff the NME goes on about and thinks Oasis are cutting edge. Tosser."

Le Tetsuo + Zebedy Rays 27.2.09

Le tetsuo are driving all the way from Norwich in a 15 year old Fiat Tipo to be with us on this night, on top of that commitment to the Bristol gigging public they are Fucking ace as well. so don't miss them pay them your respects.

also on the Bill the Zebedy Rays from left of the centre of the universe in the hills that hold the secrets. They can walk talk and sin as well as doing it quite well

Marmite Mike will be DJ ing afterwards so it will be Brill

Come along

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Kabeedies Live at the Ruin Thurs 19th

Yes this thursday, its upon the 19th of Feb when the world went wild and Bristol Opened it's hearts and let in The Kabeedies. This Gig really is gonna be the best, I have put the Facebook event info below and look out for an interview on here and in the podcast after.

Straight out of the Norwichcore scene, apparently, come The Kabeedies; a group of young rapscallions whose ages range between sixteen and eighteen years old and who appear to have quite a pleasing penchant for producing the kind of inoffensive summery two minute pop songs that are very much enjoyed by all.

They describe themselves as hopping between the genres of indie and punk - and with their rapid and energetic blink-and-you'll-miss-it sets, you can see why The Kabeedies are a band getting noticed


"...artful, like a latter day Echo and the Bunnymen with Johnny Marr and bigger balls"

Drunken Werewolf Magazine -

'The Kick Inside's four members were more likely to have been playing with fuzzy felt, hiding in bushes and drinking orange squash than following bands through the eighties but judging by their first demo their hearts never left.

'To Be Someone' starts out like a bar brawl between Brett Anderson and Johnny Marr. As it turns out they get on well, reliving "sex symbols" of a bygone era when drummers understood subtlety and funk was implicit. Politely refusing rather than rejecting modern culture their lyrics pine for a return to the values of black and white films and C86 bands, though chances are they'd prefer them shot in digital and played through a decent amp.

Like The Wedding Present without the feedback 'Because Of Her Sex' flows with Morrissey's Charming Man era delivery from a heart of second wave feminism. Tied up in a guitar line both rockabilly and ornate, the song skips along in a defiant sadness that's wonderfully anachronistic while sounding fresher than the heap of supposedly new music flooding HMV and the NME. If a Smiths reunion ever happens, and it never will, then a song like this would definitely justify the wait.

Finishing the demo "Of Love and Flesh" is reminiscent of one of the less 'twee' Sarah Records releases. It's a summery field mice song about "bike(s) without wheels" and leaving irons on, very mid 80's southern England. It's completely out of touch with the current Gang of Four influenced indie scene and is all the better for it.'


Hailing from Manhattan, Hexa’s live act is like the best summer-camp talent-show entry you’ve ever seen: A motley group of guys and gals sing and play their hearts out, offering short bursts of good-time pop & roll with playfully hormonal overtones. Shades of Spector, Iggy in the Bowie years and British indie means you will not forget this band when you have seen them.

Lego Castles formed in early 2008 at Bath Spa university and since then have been gigging regularly supporting the likes of Esser, The Volt and Kill It Kid making a name for themselves around the South West. The band play upbeat-indie-pop and draw on bands such as Los Campesinos!, Tokyo Police Club and Johnny Foreigner.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Spleen and The Fleshmachine - Naked, wild and free

Friday the 13th, a time where most of you supersticious people opted to stay at home because the turnout was shocking. And you missed a show because of your pecadillos, Oliver Spleen the 6' 5" undertaker-esque frontman of the wonderful Flesh Happening treated us to the very last outing of his one man Freak show, Spleen and the Fleshmachine. The electro-disco-shoutascreamathon saw Spleen almost take to the sky via our balcony and plunge down onto the unsuspecting masses below in a raging fury, shower himself in glasses of what appeared to be urine (but was probably water) and finally tear his clothes off bare his buttocks and simulate sex with a step.

His songs, dark and twisted morality tales of failed relationships and lots of anal sex, good and bad! I suggest you check out , 'Useless Pumping' (on the next podcast or on the myspace Alas, the act is no more but Oliver will be back with his new band Pink Narcissus soon i hope.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Free Tapas!!

Off to work already !0.00am will be there until 3 tommorrow morning! Free Tapas dosent cook itself! Tonight we have the Eyelids From Falmouth playing and also the wonderful Spleen and the flesh machine!!! Cant wait

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Los Imbasils and The She Creatures Tonight!!!